Crescent Communities

Utilities & Services

The following vendors provide utilities and essential services to residents of The Farms.

*Utility vendors with an asterisk denote Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Electric - Duke Energy

Propane & Natural Gas Vendors

Postal Services

  • Closest facility: North Lake Station branch of the United States Post Office, located on Williamson Road, approximately 4.5 miles away.

Telephone - Residential Service

*Asterisk denotes Internet Service Provider.


*Asterisk denotes Internet Service Provider.

Trash Removal:

  • Benfield Sanitation 704-872-2668
  • Morrison's Garbage 704-278-2488


  • Water - Carolina Water Service 704-525-7990
  • Septic - Stanley Environmental Solutions – 704-263-8186

Neither The Farms nor Crescent Communities make any claim as to the quality of service provided by the named vendors. This list of known vendors is presented to owners and potential owners of The Farms property strictly for the purpose of convenience to our customers. The exclusion of any additional providers not known is unintentional.

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